Durham Unwrapped Jan 17

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A selection of Key Stage 4 students from Woodham Academy visited Durham University last week as part of the university’s Durham Unwrapped programme.

As the majority of university students were enjoying an extended Christmas break, many facilities were vacant and were showcased allowing Woodham Academy students to get a true flavour of what student life at Durham University is really like. Information was presented about a variety of topics by University Student Ambassadors.  Real life issues such as budgeting, accommodation, future planning, career aspirations and pathways were all discussed.  The students from Woodham were given an extensive tour of both the university and the city that included a visit to different colleges, halls of residence and culminated with a walk to the cathedral square.  With the imposing cathedral and castle towering above them, students were shown Durham’s most famous landmarks and the part neighbouring buildings play in day-to-day university life.


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