The Governing Body is responsible for all admissions to the school with a statutory agreed number of 220 for first year admissions each year. Parents should normally apply for admission of their child to Year 7 of the college in the Autumn Term of their child’s last year in primary education.

The Local Authority distributes a booklet and preference form to all parents through the primary schools. The instructions in that booklet should be followed and the closing date adhered to. Parents living outside the Durham boundary should contact the school directly and should check with the Local Authority to ascertain the closing date. Please note that early application does not result in preferential treatment.

Admission criteria documents are available from the school or Durham County Council.

An electronic copy (in Adobe PDF Format) of the Durham County Council Secondary School Admissions booklet can be viewed or downloaded by clicking HERE

The move from primary to secondary school is a big step and parents frequently worry that their child will be lost and overlooked in a new, large and unfamiliar establishment.

As soon as your child has been allocated a place at Woodham Academy, we do everything possible to ensure that they are known and cared for as an individual and that their transfer to the school is smooth and free from problems.

We have close relationships with our partner primary schools and before your child comes to us, his/her Year 6 teacher will provide us with information about his/her progress and individual needs. If your child has special needs, our Special Needs Coordinator will visit the primary school and talk to your child’s teacher.

Woodham Academy’s Head of Learning for year 7 will decide which mixed ability tutor group your child will belong to. We aim to place every child in a group where they will already know some children from the same primary school but where they will also have the opportunity to make new friends. As part of our dedicated Woodham Learning programme, your child will be taught by his/her tutor in this group for at least one hour every day during the first term at Woodham Academy. Both students and parents like the continuity this provides. Our Head of Learning for year 7 and year 7 tutors are specially trained in primary transition.

For lessons your child will be placed in a teaching group in one of three pathways according to his/her academic potential. In the first instance, your child will be placed in a pathway according to the information we receive from our partner primary schools.

Once classes have been decided, your child’s Year 6 teacher will be invited to Woodham Academy and will talk to your child’s new tutor. You will be invited to an evening for new parents. This takes place in late June/July and gives you the chance to meet your child’s tutor, Head of Learning and senior staff to learn important information about Woodham Academy.

At the end of June, all of the incoming Year 7 will be invited to spend a whole day at Woodham. On this day they will meet their tutor and will have lessons with their tutor group. This day allays children’s anxieties and means that, by the time they start in September, they already know some staff and students.