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Woodham Academy students went to head-to-head as the school’s new Debating Society got off to a “brilliant start”.

The Debating Society has been launched to offer students the opportunity gain confidence in public speaking and improve their research and team working skills.

At the first session, students watched a televised debate, to help understand how a debate is structured. They then moved on to a ‘speed debating’ session, with each student given an argument to defend. They then moved around in carousel, defending a point that they may have had little knowledge of or may not have agreed with.

Teacher Richard Gore said: “The first Debating Society evening went off to a brilliant start. The students were engaged and enthusiastic throughout and learned about the history of debating, the basics of debating and the importance of the subject. Debates got a little heated at times but it allowed the students to freely engage in the process of debating, gaining skills that they will carry forward into the more formal debates in the weeks ahead.

“Membership of the Debating Society will help students gain confidence in public speaking, and improve research and team-working skills, as well as looking great on CVs when the time comes to apply to colleges and universities.”

The Debating Society is the latest addition to Woodham Academy’s extensive and growing extra-curricular activities programme.Initially open to Year 10 and Year 11 students, the Debating Society will offer a series of research sessions, workshops and mock debates, followed by three internal competitions in front of adult and student audiences.

The Debating Society will then expand to include students from years 7 to 9 and go on join national competitions.

Andrew DowsonDebating Society launched