Football Fixtures

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  Football Fixtures 2010/2011 Date Opposition Venue Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 21/09/10 Bishop Barrington Away       No Fixture  23/09/10 King James Away       No Fixture 28/09/10 Spennymoor Home         05/10/10 St Johns Home         06/10/10 King James Away No Fixture No Fixture No Fixture   07/10/10 …

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Physical Education

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The PE department at Woodham Academy embraces the motto of “Achievement For All”.  We strive to offer an inclusive curriculum that provides opportunities for students of all ability levels, in both team and individual activities. This allows students to develop and understand their own physical capabilities and interpersonal skills. Enjoying participation in sport is paramount and we look to develop  in …

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Modern Foreign Languages

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Modern Foreign languages open up a world of opportunity – the chance to use your language skills on holiday or in the workplace.  Improve your understanding of how your own language works by studying sentence structure and grammar. Develop transferable skills such as how to use reference materials efficiently, (dictionaries, texts and glossaries). Improve your chances of being accepted at …

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ICT and Computing

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At Key Stage 3 students study a modern and stimulating curriculum that provides students with an opportunity to study a wide range of ICT concepts and software applications. In year 9 students embark on producing some of the coursework required for their Key Stage 4 qualification. At Key Stage 4 students will receive one lesson of core IT a week …

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Historic People


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The aim of the History Department is to provide students in Years 7 and 8 with the opportunity to study some of the key historical people and events from 1066 to the present day and understand how the past can influence the present. Students will also study aspects of local history to enable them to understand how local affairs link …



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English is a vitally important subject as it teaches students the skills to communicate effectively in a range of different contexts. The curriculum is designed to help students to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing and our courses are shaped to allow students the chance to apply these skills in a range of real life situations. Literature and …