Success of new enrichment programme

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Woodham Academy students with a passion for their subject have taken part in a new programme of extra-curricular activities.

The Enrichment Programme, introduced by the school’s More Able Academy, began with a series of after-school art lessons.

The programme, which enables students to explore a subject in more depth, is the latest addition to Woodham Academy’s extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

Students spent time in the art department after school for a series of workshops on the history or art, from cave painting and the origins of sculpture to the renaissance and modern art.

Student Emilie Dunn said: “During our enrichment sessions we learnt terms used during the renaissance. We also learnt the steps behind creating a watercolour painting. The sessions were enjoyable and informative and I hope to have a high quality piece of work by the end.”

Students are continuing to work on paintings and sculpture started during the sessions, to produce high-quality, finished pieces.

Teacher Richard Gore said: “The Art Enrichment programme was very successful and gave students the opportunity to develop their skills in base relief claywork and high-level watercolour painting. The students who attended also learned about the art of different epochs and how the skills they used related to it.”

The Enrichment Programme will be rolled out across a number of subjects and timetables will be available soon. There is no need to book.

Andrew DowsonSuccess of new enrichment programme