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Woodham Academy a top 3 school

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Woodham Academy is one of the top three secondary schools in County Durham Local Education Authority, according to Government figures.

The Department for Education (DFE) school performance tables highlight the progress students make during their time at Woodham Academy, which recorded its best-ever GCSE results in 2017.

Progress 8 is the recognised comparative measure for all schools nationally, and is used to track the performance of students based on their starting point in Year 7.

Woodham Academy’s Progress 8 score of +0.26 means that all students achieved over a quarter of a grade more than similar students nationally in every subject. This score places Woodham Academy in the top three secondary schools in the County Durham Local Education Authority.

Headteacher Christine Forsyth said: “These Government figures are testament to the hard work of students and staff at Woodham Academy. Our ethos is ‘achievement for all’ and the figures confirm that regardless of their starting point, our students make excellent progress.

“The achievements of the school reflects the advances we have made throughout Woodham Academy, including curriculum development, pastoral care, behaviour management, and the improvements to the school buildings.

“We are all determined, and confident, that we will continue to achieve excellent outcomes for our students in 2018 and beyond.”

Woodham Academy’s record-breaking GCSE results in 2017 were achieved despite the introduction of a tougher new exam system. The proportion of students who passed both of the key subjects of Maths and English rose 22 percent on the previous year, with the pass rate for both subjects now above 70 percent.

The DFE’s school performance comparison tool allows schools, parents, carers and students to compare the outcomes of any schools nationally, regionally or in the local area.

To use the comparison tool, and see how Woodham Academy compares to schools nationally, regionally and locally, visit: www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/138717





Andrew DowsonWoodham Academy a top 3 school