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Woodham Academy rated ‘good’

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Woodham Academy has been officially rated as a good school, following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted inspectors found that students at Woodham Academy make strong progress, are well behaved and well cared for, and are proud of their school and their achievements.

The Ofsted report also highlights the strength of subject knowledge of Woodham Academy’s staff, their very positive relationship with students, and their motivation to do their best for all students.

Woodham Academy Headteacher Christine Forsyth, said:

“The report recognises how well our students learn, how well they behave and how proud they are of their achievements.  It also recognises the quality of teaching and how well our students are cared for. I am delighted that the difference our teachers make to the lives of our students has been noted”.

The Ofsted report found:

  • In 2017, pupils’ attainment overall was above the national average. Overall, pupils currently in the school are making strong progress from their starting points across key stages 3 and 4 and across a broad range of subjects.  Inspectors noted swift progress in each year group and across subjects, both during lessons and in the wide sample of pupils’ books.  Consistently positive progress characterised pupils’ learning.
  • Teachers use their strong subject knowledge and understanding of pupils’ prior learning to plan lessons that interest and engage them. They have consistently high expectations of pupils’ conduct during lessons.  In response, pupils apply themselves to their learning and are keen to do as well as they can. The very positive relationships established between staff and pupils encourage their readiness to ask questions and contribute their ideas.  Pupils are proud of their learning and their achievements.
  • Pupils say that they are cared for well by staff and feel safe in school. They have confidence in trusted members of staff to help them if they have a concern or are worried.  Under the care and guidance of staff, pupils grow in confidence as young people as they prepare for the next steps in their education and training. Pupils demonstrate respect for each other and the adults around them in their everyday interactions with one another. Pupils understand that bullying in any form is unacceptable.  They know it is not tolerated in school, and, even though it is rare, they are convinced that, when it does happen, it is dealt with promptly by staff.
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. They behave well throughout the day, across the range of their lessons and during breaks and lunchtime. Pupils’ behaviour is characterised by their consideration for others and the positive, lively conversations with each other and staff in their free time.
  • Leaders ensure that pupils learn about a variety of employment sectors and routes into further education. The range of external qualifications is suitably varied to support pupils’ aspirations.
  • Leaders support the ambitions of the sports academy to develop high-level skills across a range of disciplines. As well as developing their sporting prowess, participating pupils attend school well and, overall, make better progress than others in the school.

The full report is available here

To see the school, attend Woodham Academy’s Open Morning on Tuesday, June 26 at 9.30am. Please reserve your place by calling the school office on 01325 300328.


Andrew DowsonWoodham Academy rated ‘good’