Year 7 students are welcomed on their first day at Woodham Academy

Year 7 Blog #3 – ‘Woodham truly is the best school ever’

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The third instalment of our blog written by Year 7 students…

Now that we have settled into Woodham it seems like a normal school.

The school seemed a maze a few weeks ago! Down the stairs, round the corner – it seemed never ending! We walked down corridors, mingling with older year groups, packed tightly, shoulder to shoulder, like sardines. It just seems a wild dream now. Now I am part of the crowd. I know to stick to the side, next to the wall, so I avoid the rush, and to squeeze through the doors, so I can get to lessons quickly.

Week four was Specialist Week at Woodham Academy – which means it was an exciting one. A Specialist Week is one where we do activities like My Teacher is a Vampire, where we got to make capes and promote our own book about a vampire teacher. It was fun and easy and a nice rest from the sort of work we usually do. The best part of the day was presenting what we had made to the rest of the year group (better than assemblies – where we get to listen to someone else droning on). The rest of the day involved learning about British values.

The worst part of the week was waiting for lunch, (the food is fantastic) and my phone running out of power, so not a bad week. Most of the kids are well behaved, and the level of work is just right, so you are not just sitting there learning about thinks you already know.

My past week at Woodham has been absolutely amazing!! The lessons are very interesting and I enjoy them all. I know my way around the school, so I don’t have to worry about getting lost anymore.

I really do enjoy lunches – the food is delicious. I now also go to the Sports Academy club, doing football and basketball. The homework is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be; every night, once I’m home from school, I turn the computer on and check Doddle … easy! I also experienced my first specialist day – My Teacher is a Vampire. I loved the fact that we got to design things, as I want to be an architect when I grow up.

I have made so many new friends with people from many different classes and tutor groups.

Woodham truly is the best school ever.

Andrew DowsonYear 7 Blog #3 – ‘Woodham truly is the best school ever’