Year 7 Blog # 4 – First Parents’ Evening

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The latest instalment in our blog written by Year 7 students…

My first Parents’ Evening …. Oh, no!!!! Wonder how it’s going to go?

Surprisingly well, actually.

It wasn’t too bad at all. All we really did was sit down and listen to our parents listening to tutors saying how good we were (and it wasn’t just me – they seemed to be saying it a lot). It was all pretty okay …. apart from the bit where I got told off for my scruffy handwriting! Embarrassing, or what??!! My new favourite lesson is RE with Mr Liquorish (not his real name). He’s so nice … he’s my favourite of the week, for this week.

I can’t believe I only came here a month ago – Primary seems like a different world, and I feel like a different person. Alright, I’ve got to remember my own stuff, and how to get from one place to another (and I nearly got a detention for not remembering to have my mam sign my Reading Log), but the upside is I get to join a proper Dance Academy and audition for School of Rock (I got a part –yea! – more of that later). You also get to have turkey and gravy wraps for lunch – and I can have them every day if I want them … that’s totally up to me.

Wishing all my blog readers all over the world (hopes) all the best.

Over and OUT!

Andrew DowsonYear 7 Blog # 4 – First Parents’ Evening