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Year 7 blog #5

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The latest installment of our blog written by Year 7 students…

I have become a FBM … you can tell by my badge.

What’s an FBM? A FTB is a Future Business Magnate. What’s a magnate? I didn’t know either, until I looked it up on my phone and found out it means someone big, or important, in business.

So, on Thursday a group of us went to the Xcel Centre to find out about the FBM competition. We were shown into a huge room with round tables set out with glasses and juice and fruit. We were sat behind the VIPs, although I didn’t know any of them. There were loads of schools from all over County Durham there. County Durham, so I learned, is a big space where most people live in small towns and villages. Aycliffe is in the South of County Durham. Our task is to invent a ‘product’ which will help people who are on their own or are lonely. (‘Social isolation’) There are a lot of prizes for those taking part, but – as you would expect from a FBM – I’m aiming to win the top prize of £2000 for the school and £50 in vouchers for each of the team members.

The challenge is spread out over the rest of the year – with the winner being announced at a Gala dinner in June. There are a number of smaller challenges on the way (six), and the winner of each challenge wins a prize … so it’s win, win, win … or should I say win, win, win, win, win and win!

It’s not all about the winning though. I will have to give up a dinner break every week for the rest of the year to do the challenge, but it should be worth it. Last year’s winners created a board game which has made £140, 000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time, it could be me !!!!!!!!!

Andrew DowsonYear 7 blog #5