Year 7 Blog #6 – “To sum it up … I really like this school”

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The latest installment of our Blog written by Year 7 students

School life isn’t so scary now, in fact it can be hilarious. The things people come up with are hilarious. I don’t think I could be in class with funnier people.

I love PE lessons now I am doing football (one of my favourite sports). I also do two after-school clubs: footie and basketball. Friday is footie, and it’s great as there are just girls there. Our coach (‘Maddo’) is brilliant – he teaches us new skills and shows us how to improve. We then try and use these new skills in our weekly matches (at least that’s the theory). It’s a shame it only runs to 4:30, as no one wants to leave!

Basketball is great too. Mr Morgans teaches us new skills I never knew before. I think it’s great that we play matches at the end of it, as it gives us an opportunity to try out our new skills.

Overall, life at Woodham is going great!!

Life at Woodham Academy is so different to primary.

It’s weird going from being the biggest in school to the littlest. There are people in Y11 who are really, really, tall!!!

Lessons are completely different to what I’m used to (although I’m getting used to them now). I never thought Technology and Woodwork would be so fun!! Most teachers are lovely (emphasising the word ‘most’), and I feel really comfortable around them. Walking around the corridors now isn’t as bad, either, everybody just stands together, shoulder to shoulder, and all try to get through the doorway at the same time!

PE is awesome. I’m in the Netball Academy. I love sport. I also enjoy gymnastics, which we are doing on Tuesdays. We have football on Fridays, which I also enjoy – even though it’s often freezing  (why should the boys have all the fun?).

To sum it up … I really like this school.

Andrew DowsonYear 7 Blog #6 – “To sum it up … I really like this school”