Sports Academy

Welcome to Woodham Sports Academy. School sport is about so much more than just physical activity. It is about developing the whole person: character, leadership and self-esteem as well as health and well-being. It is also about achievement. Those who take part in competitive sports do better academically.

Sport gives a structure to learning that can help in any subject. Our aim is for athletes to aspire and achieve, not just in their chosen sport, but in all aspects of their lives at Woodham Academy and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you to Woodham Sports Academy.

Leadership Academy

Welcome to Woodham Leadership Academy. The academy has evolved to ensure that every student in the school has access to a varied programme to increase cultural capital, raise aspirations and secure educational outcomes. The components of Leadership encompass far more than simply leading a group of people; it is about working collaboratively, having a vision and ambition. Key aspects of the Leadership Academy are Duke of Edinburgh Award, Student Ambassador and World Challenge.

Performing Arts Academy

Welcome to Woodham Performing Arts Academy. We aim to provide opportunities for all students at Woodham to take part in a variety of music, drama-based activities and foster a love of performance and an ethos of resilience. We showcase the plethora of student talent at various points throughout the year and believe that there is a way for everyone to be involved in Performing Arts Academy, from performing on stage to helping with costume design, or learning how to work as a music technician. There is nothing quite like the buzz that we feel just after a concert or show; we welcome as many students as possible to come and experience it for themselves.

Technology Academy

Welcome to Woodham Technology Academy. The academy gives all our students the opportunity to develop their understanding, skills and awareness of the dynamic subject of Design and Technology and enrich their experience in the areas of Graphics, Engineering, Textiles and Food.

Key aspects of the Technology Academy are educational visits to companies and further education providers, participation in local and nationwide competitions and learning processes not taught in their lessons. These opportunities give our students the chance to develop lifelong skills such as teamwork and presentation skills.

Eco Academy

Welcome to Woodham Eco Academy. The academy is all about the environment and our place in it. It is about giving our time up to ensure the things we care about are protected for the future.

Eco Academy provides opportunities for students to use their skills in whatever way they see fit; gardening, taking surveys of insect life, creating bat and bird boxes, working on advertising campaigns, making leaflets, presenting assemblies or raising money through the Eco-shop or bake sales.

Six students are training to become beekeepers this academic year – under the watchful eyes of Aycliffe Beekeeping Association. Next year? Who knows? There is something for everyone at Eco Academy. We have big plans, and all we need to succeed is you.