Christmas Hampers 2023

Christmas Hampers 2023


Christmas Hampers 2023.

Woodham Academy continue to value the contributions it makes to the local community. For a number of years, staff and students have produced hampers for Junction 7, a local charity who support families in Newton Aycliffe. This year, the hampers were better than ever, with over 50 being made by tutor groups in school. This whole school effort matched the core value of ‘Be Kind’.

The hampers, made by tutor groups, contained a combination of food items and festive treats. Furthermore, and to encourage some light hearted competition, they were judged by the Chair of Governors to see which ones were the best. Particular favourites included Santa’s lorry, reindeer and a snowman.

The hampers were delivered by our head boy and girl team, and from looking at social media posts later in the day, they were all collected within a 24 hour period. It great to know that families in Newton Aycliffe will benefit from the generous donations at Woodham.

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