Mutual respect is a significant value in the school and underpins all that we do.

Staff have undertaken training through the High Performing Schools programme focusing on the values of unconditional mutual respect and this is something is continually reinforced and disseminated to students.

More formally, content will be delivered through participation in the PCC curriculum, students cover aspects of work focusing on conflict resolution and a local authority support worker is engaged for ½ days per week to work with students on issues of mutual respect and relationships where appropriate.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs is covered through education of such faiths through the Religious Education curriculum, where blocks of work cover the following topics during KS 3 provision:

  • What does it mean to be Jewish?
  • Life and teaching of Jesus
  • Making moral decisions
  • Questions of Christianity
  • Aspects of Islam
  • Introducing philosophy and ethics
  • Religion and conflict
  • Religious expression
  • Authority Religion and State

Through the careers education programme students in Year 9 also follow our acclaimed Apprenticeship Awareness programme, developing their awareness of a variety of opportunities that are made available through local business partners.