Curriculum Intent

“The aim of the historian, like that of an artist, is to enlarge our picture of the world, to give us a new way of looking at things’’

– James Joll


We want to give students a wide and broad overview of their History but also History around the world. However, the magic of History often comes from the intriguing personal stories and individual characters that we can meet from the past. Therefore we aim to marry wider themes with these stories trying to achieve an interplay of overview and depth. We view History as a puzzle of the past with the individual characters and stories being windows into wider themes of this huge puzzle. Where possible we teach chronologically to reflect a logical story from ‘beginning to end’ and highlight common themes within this chronology to aid students in threading their learning together.

Key Stage 3

History at Key Stage 3 follows a chronological journey from the Romans to the end of the Cold War. Key Stage Three History also takes students across the World exploring the Roman Empire in Italy, British rule in India and Slavery in Africa and the Americas. 

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we follow the Edexcel specification focusing on; Anglo Saxon and Norman England, Crime and punishment in Britain, c1000–present, Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939 and Superpowers and the Cold War 1941-1991