Leadership Academy


At Woodham Academy we value the opportunity to extend learning beyond the formal curriculum. We provide a diverse range of activities that strives to cater for all students, whatever their interests.  Amongst other provision, the Leadership Academy offers university visits and an annual trip to a European capital.


Welcome to Woodham’s Leadership Academy. The academy has evolved to ensure that every student in the school has access to a varied programme to increase cultural capital, raise aspirations and secure educational outcomes. The components of Leadership encompass far more than simply leading a group of people; it is about working collaboratively, having a vision and ambition. Therefore, those who take part in the Leadership Academy excel academically as they have a goal to aspire to. There are wide-ranging opportunities throughout the year to encourage students to become leaders and to raise aspirations.

The Leadership Academy is proud to offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. This involves participation in volunteering, physical aspects, skills and an expedition. The challenge of this award fosters perseverance, determination and resilience and is looked upon favourably by universities and employers because of the skills incorporated which accelerate progress socially and mentally leading to positive academic outcomes.

Another opportunity provided by the Leadership Academy is the prospect of becoming a student ambassador, Head Boy or Head Girl. This incorporates a range of responsibilities from student mentoring, involvement in Y5 and 6 visits, to helping facilitate Parents’ Evenings. This provides students with practical experience and develops leadership skills.

Over the course of the year, students will listen to a variety of guest speakers from different aspects of life. Alongside this, students will be given the opportunity to attend local colleges and universities helping raise aspirations and providing the vision for students to become future leaders in their area of interest.

An aspect of the Leadership Academy is to develop student’s cultural capital. Leadership Academy students will have the opportunity to visit an overseas destination to experience a different culture and take a leading role in the organisation of the trip. The school has already been to Rome and Thailand and more opportunities are being planned to visit other countries.