NEET Figure

NEET Figure


NEET Figure.

Every year, the government release school’s NEET figure, which stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training. Woodham Academy are delighted to announce that their figure is 99%, meaning that only 1% of their Year 11 students didn’t secure a place of their choice. It’s a brilliant outcome for the school, and reflects the hard work done by the students and dedicated Year 11 team. A significant amount of planning and organisation goes into this process and is then made possible by students achieving strong results at GCSE.

Mr Bell, Headteacher at Woodham Academy said “One of the real pleasures about working with our young people is watching them leave at the end of Year 11, not only as well rounded members of our community, but also going off to do what they have a true interest in. Places at colleges, 6th form centres, apprenticeships, employment etc. are becoming increasingly competitive, therefore giving our students the best chance to achieve their goals is very important to us.  Well done to all concerned.”

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