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Welcome to Woodham Academy. I’m delighted that your son/daughter will be joining us in September. Although hard to imagine, in five years time your child will be a young adult, ready to embark upon further education or training. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, working alongside you to ensure the best possible future for your child.

Andrew Bell


Moving Up


Your child’s transfer from primary to secondary school is both an exciting and daunting time. There are many new things to become familiar with and we believe that in order to ensure a smooth transition, your child needs support from us and from you. There may be concerns, queries or anxious feelings which are perfectly natural and, by working together as a partnership, we will succeed in preparing your child for the next stage in their education very quickly. At Woodham Academy, we run a number of events to help children to become familiar with the school before their transfer into Year 7. These include a range of visits to Woodham Academy, allowing all students to familiarise themselves with all that the school has to offer.  Students who are more anxious, or have Sepcial Education Needs, may wish to visit at a time where the school is less busy.

Miss Abson
Miss AbsonHead of Learning Year 7 / Transition
Miss Abson is responsible for the progress of all students in year 7. She will monitor your child’s attendance and punctuality too. She also deals with any problems students may have by liaising with parents and, where appropriate, outside agencies.
Mrs Meachen
Mrs MeachenTransition Worker
Mrs Meachen is responsible for supporting an effective transfer for each child from primary school to Woodham Academy. Mrs Meachen works alongside and liaises with relevant staff in your child’s primary school, gathering information to ensure individual needs are met on transfer. She works to support your child in their own school and becomes well known to them prior to September. Mrs Meachen’s role includes being a part of all activities, visits and taster sessions offered to primary students.

Your child will have a form tutor who will greet your child every morning and who will help them to settle into new routines. You will meet your child’s tutor at the Year 6 Open Evening.


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