Our Vision & Expectations

Woodham Academy strives to ‘develop our students to become the best version of themselves’.

Our school community achieve this by being:


Working Hard

Never Giving Up

and Aiming High


We are proud that students of all abilities make very good progress at Woodham Academy

Our dedicated and highly talented teachers challenge all students to do their best, all of the time. Lessons are focussed, purposeful and engaging. Teachers at Woodham Academy enjoy working with young people and are committed to doing their very best for them.

Teaching at Woodham Academy is rapidly gaining a national reputation, with staff relishing the opportunities to improve their practice. 

We believe in good behaviour and good manners.  Lessons are focussed, quiet and orderly so that teachers can teach and students can learn.  There is unconditional mutual respect.

We hope that our website will answer any questions you have.  What it cannot do is give you a real sense of the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere at Woodham Academy.  The only way to experience this is to come and visit us.  We look forward to welcoming you.