Remote Learning

During the national lockdown students are expected to access remote learning sessions with their teachers at the same time they would normally have had each subject lesson (this is visible on their calendar when logged in to their email or on the SIMS App).
Remote learning provision will include Live Lessons accessed through Microsoft Teams. Teachers may also set tasks using other online learning resources depending on the needs of their subject. Students who are unsure about tasks set or who need assistance can contact Teachers by email.

The times of the School Day for remote learning are laid out in the document below.

Live lessons

If students are learning remotely, their teacher may (if staffing levels, lesson topic and circumstances allow) run a live lesson on Microsoft Teams. These will occur at the student's timetabled lesson time. In a live lesson, the teacher will present information and teach via a webcam, with students able to interact and participate. Students can log in to a live lesson with a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, although some functionality may not be available on a tablet or smartphone.

Students attending a live lesson should always have pen, pencil and paper in front of them in case it is required.

Please click the button below to view instructions on how to join a live lesson on Microsoft Teams.


Email and Teams

 All students are given a school email address. This takes the format of using their legal name (although if you have a long name it may be truncated). The first part of the email address is the login students use when logging on to a computer in our IT rooms. The password is the same one they use to log on to the school computer system. As an example, if my name was David Smith and my password was duck1 then my school computer username would be david.smith, my school email would be and my password for both of those would be duck1

The same email address and password is used to log on to all microsoft online systems the school has given them access to (Outlook for email, OneDrive for their files, OneNote, Teams and others). All microsoft apps can be found by going to, logging in with their school email and password and using the app menu left hand side of the screen.

Students at Woodham can also install a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 on a home computer or laptop to give them access to software they may need for their school work. To do so, log in to and click the button at the top right of the screen which says Install Office and follow the instructions provided. Be aware that this Microsoft Office 365 licence will be deactivated once they leave Woodham.

Access to online learning tools may be restricted or revoked if a student misuses them. These tools are provided for learning, not for chat or socialising.


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