Physical Education

Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

– Derek Jeter


At Woodham Academy we aim to inspire all our students to develop a range of skills and strategies in order to perform and compete in a variety of sports. In PE we build on knowledge and develop the tools needed for our students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We aim to give students opportunities to maintain a healthier way of life throughout their time at Woodham Academy and beyond.

Key Stage 3

In KS3, students will develop knowledge of a range of skills in a variety of sports. They will be taught the key concepts in each activity and will develop an understanding of the rules and regulations in the sport. Students will be taught about the importance of a healthier lifestyle and will be guided to further opportunities outside curriculum time. As they progress through their time at Woodham, students will become more confident sports performers securing more complex skills and demonstrating tactical awareness.  

Key Stage 4

Core PE: As students enter KS4, an option process will start where students can select the sport for each option block allowing them to be in control of their own curriculum. We aim to further promote active healthy lifestyles whilst continuing to develop skills learned in KS3.
Options: Students can select BTEC courses in Child Development, Health and Social Care, and Sport.