Year 7 Revision

Year 7 revision week will commence on Monday 13th June 2022.  During subject lessons, students will complete a series of assessments, which will measure their knowledge, understanding, and skills on content taught since September. 


Week commencing 20th June is assessment week.  Subject teachers will help prepare your child for these assessments so that they know what to expect.  As parents, we hope that you will want to take an interest in what your child has been learning, and to support them with their revision, in preparation for these assessments. Information and revision resources can be found on this page.


It is important that your child is present for these assessments, as it allows us to closely monitor their progress and put relevant support in where necessary.  If your child is absent, due to illness, we will endeavour where possible, to try to catch up these assessments at a later date.  

English - cycle 3 assessment

In English students have been studying The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  In their next assessment students will be provided with an extract from the play and students will be asked to answer a question based on this extract.   

Students will be assessed on the following areas:

AO1 - infer/deduce/interpret information, events and ideas from the text. 
AO1 - select relevant references (quotations) from the extract and elsewhere in the play to support their inferences. 
AO2 - use of subject terminology to identify Shakespeare's methods and comment on the effect of these choices on the audience. 
AO3 - comment on Shakespeare's purpose/message for the audience and comment on relevant historical/social context linked to the focus of the task. 

Please also find attached the Y7 revision tasks for the Y7 cycle 3 assessment. 

Science - cycle 3 assessment

In science, your child will be assessed on the units they have completed in year 7, as well as on practical skills.  The units on each assessment are:

  • Biology - Cells, Organisation, Infection and response
  • Chemistry - Atomic structure and the periodic table, bonding, chemical analysis
  • Physics - Particles, Electricity, energy


Their assessment will take place in their normal lessons. i.e. When your child has Biology on their timetable, they will sit their Biology assessment. 


Please find the attached revision guide to support you child with their upcoming assessments.

Religious Studies - cycle 3 assessment

Please see attached information sheet for revision.

French - cycle 3 assessment

The assessment will consist of 2 parts - listening and reading.  It will be based on the topic of free-time activities. Links to vocabulary sheets are below.

Music - cycle 3 assessment

Please see link below for revision material.

Geography - cycle 3 assessment

Please see below attachments.

History - cycle 3 assessment - Romans, Normans, Tudors and Stewards

What will the assessment look like?

  • Students will be asked to recall 10 knowledge answers, 5 questions from the whole of Y7 content. There will be some free recall answers and some multiple choice questions. In general, students only need to provide one word answers for this section.
  • The second question assess a key historical skill of making an inference. An inference is when students look at a source and say what the source suggests about the question, choosing a quote to support this.
  • The third question is a interpretation question. Here students will be expected to read both interpretations and find the difference commenting on what each view is about with a supporting quote.
  • The final question is a statement question. For this students will be expected to explain why a certain event happened.  To complete this question, students will need to recall specific knowledge from their revision.  Students will also be required to make a judgement to agree/disagree based on their historical knowledge and then explain why this had an impact on the given time period.  Analytical phrases are words such as ‘this led to, therefore, as a result’.

How can students prepare for their upcoming History assessment?

  • Students should prepare by using the revision sheet uploaded to this website. Students also have an electronic copy on their email and a physical copy from lessons.
  • To revise effectively, students must read through the sheet and highlight the key content such as names, dates and places. Then, students should make a flashcard or a mind map to condense the information into memorable chunks.
  • From the revision tool, students should read through the information and quiz themselves on the content. Quizzing is the most effective form of revision as it forces the brain to recall information under pressure.  Students can either test themselves or someone at home can help by quizzing them.


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