Year 8 Revision

Year 8 Revision week commencing 11th October 2021

Year 8 Assessment week commencing 18th October 2021

Students should be revising at home in preparation for their assessments.  The resources below can be used in addition to any other materials.

English - cycle 1 assessment - reading skills

Key text:
 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Link to online version of text:

What will the assessment look like?

Students will be provided with an extract from The Hunger Games that they have previously read in class. 
The assessment will require students to answer a question based on how the writer has used language to achieve a certain effect within that extract. 

The skills that students will be expected to demonstrate are the following:
* Show their understanding of the task and text by making relevant inferences that are relevant to the question.
* Use quotations from the extract to support inferences.  
* Use subject terminology to identify the writer's methods used within the quotations (this might be a word type such as noun, verb, adjective or adverb or a technique such as a simile, personification, metaphor or alliteration etc...)
* Explore the effect of the writer's choices by explaining the effect on the reader - what do the key words / phrases make the reader think/feel/imagine about the character / situation / setting?

How can students prepare for their upcoming English assessment?
There are a variety of revision tasks within the revision task grid.  It is not expected that students complete all of these tasks however they should choose a task that is the appropriate level of challenge to ensure this revision is purposeful.  This decision should be based on the feedback they receive from their class teacher in relation to their in-class work and feedback from the pre-assessment task. 

Science - cycle 1 assessment

In science, your child will be assessed on the units they have completed in Year 7 and the first unit from Year 8, as well as on practical skills.  The units on each assessment are:


Biology:  Cells, Organisation, Infection and response, Photosynthesis and Respiration (Bioenergetics)


Chemistry:  Atomic structure, bonding, chemical analysis, and rates


Physics:  Particles, Electricity, energy, and forces


Their assessment will take place in their normal lessons. i.e. When your child has Biology on their timetable, they will sit their Biology assessment. 


Please find the attached revision guide to support your child with their upcoming assessments.


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