Term dates, School day & Key dates

Term Dates


Autumn Term 2023
Monday4thSeptemberProfessional Development Day 8:30am – 2:30pm (school closed to students)
Tuesday5thSeptemberProfessional Development Day 8:30am – 2:30pm (school closed to students)
Wednesday6thSeptemberSchool Year begins – Year 7
Thursday7thSeptemberSchool Year begins – All Pupils
Friday6thOctoberProfessional Development Day 8:30am – 2:30pm (school closed to students)
Friday27thOctoberSchool closes for half term
Monday6thNovemberSchool re-opens
Friday24thNovemberSchool closed
Tuesday19thDecemberAutumn term ends
Spring Term 2024
Wednesday3rdJanuarySpring term starts
Friday16thFebruarySchool closes for half term
Monday26thFebruarySchool re-opens
Thursday28thMarchSpring term ends
Summer Term 2024
Monday15thAprilSummer term begins
Monday6thMaySchool closed for May Bank Holiday
Tuesday7thMaySchool re-opens
Friday24thMaySchool closes for half term
Monday3rdJuneSchool re-opens
Friday21stJuneProfessional Development Day 8:30am – 2:30pm (school closed to students)
Friday19thJulySummer term ends
Monday22ndJulySchool closed to students (packing up day)
Tuesday23rdJulySchool closed to students (packing up day)

It is proposed that staff will participate in 2 expended twilight sessions in lieu of PD Day / School Closed. These sessions will run 3:30pm – 5:45pm.

School Opening Hours / School Day


08.45Students on site for line up
08.50 - 09.40Lesson 1
09.40 - 10.30Lesson 2
10.30 - 10.45Break
10.45 - 11.35Lesson 3
11.35 - 12.25Lesson 4
12.25 - 13.10Lunch
13.10 - 14.00Lesson 6
14.00 - 14.50Lesson 7
14.50 - 15.15Tutor time / Assembly
15.15End of school

Key Dates

2023 - 24
11.09.23Year Council Elections (11th - 15th September)
15.09.23Year 11 Photograph
18.09.23Student Voice Survey KS3
18.09.23Year 7 CATS Test (18th - 20th September)
20.09.23Year 7 Reading Tests
21.09.23Year 6 Open Evening
25.09.23Student Council Elections
25.09.23Year 6 Open Morning
25.09.23Year 10 Revision Week
26.09.23Year 6 Open Morning
27.09.23Year 6 Open Morning
27.09.23Year 7 Tutor Evening
28.09.23Year 6 Open Morning
29.09.23Year 6 Open Morning
02.10.23Year 10 Assessment Week
06.10.23Professional Development Day
09.10.23Year 9 Revision Week
09.10.23Year 10 Assessment Week
16.10.23Year 9 Assessment Week
19.10.23Year 11 Parents' Information Evening
23.10.23Year 9 Assessment Week
24.10.23Phototronics School Photographs
27.10.23Attendance Rewards
27.10.23Paris Art Trip (27th - 30th October)
06.11.23Year 11 Assessment Week
13.11.23Year 11 Assessment Week
20.11.23Year 8 Assessment Week
20.11.23Student Voice Survey KS4
24.11.23School Closed
27.11.23Year 8 Assessment Week
27.11.23Year 10 Parents' Evening 3.45 - 7.15pm
04.12.23Year 8 Assessment Week
04.12.23School Council Meeting
07.12.23Christmas Concert - Time to be confirmed
11.12.23Rewards Week
11.12.23Year 11 Parents' Evening 3.45 - 7.15pm
15.12.23Attendance Rewards
08.01.24Year 7 Assessment Week
11.01.24Year 11 Parents' Information Evening 5.30 - 7.00pm
15.01.24Year 7 Assessment Week
15.01.24Year 8 Parents' Evening 3.45 - 7.15pm
22.01.24Year 7 Assessment Week
29.01.24Year 11 Assessment Week
05.02.24Year 11 Assessment Week
09.02.24Derwent Hill Trip (9th - 11th February)
15.02.24Year 9 Parents' Evening 3.45 - 7.15pm
26.02.24Year 9 Assessment Week
04.03.24Year 9 Assessment Week
04.03.24Student Voice Survey KS4
04.03.24Performing Arts Show 7pm
05.03.24Performing Arts Show 7pm
06.03.24Performing Arts Show 7pm
07.03.24Year 9 Options Evening 4.30 - 5.30pm & 5.45 - 6.45pm
11.03.24Year 9 Assessment Week
11.03.24Year Council Meetings
11.03.24Year 7 Parents' Evening 3.45 - 7.15pm
18.03.24Rewards Week
18.03.24Year 10 Assessment Week
18.03.24School Council Meeting
22.03.24Attendance Rewards
25.03.24Year 10 Assessment Week
25.04.24Dance Showcase - Time to be confirmed
29.04.24Student Voice Survey KS3
24.05.24Attendance Rewards
03.06.24Year 8 Assessment Week
10.06.24Year 8 Assessment Week
10.06.24Year Council Meetings
17.06.24Year 8 Assessment Week
17.06.24Year 7 Assessment Week
20.06.24Bow Tie Day in memory of Ted Sanderson
21.06.24Professional Development Day
24.06.24Year 7 Assessment Week
24,06.24Year 10 College Visits Week
27.06.24Year 11 Prom
01.07.24Year 7 Assessment Week
01.07.24Year 10 College Visits Week
07.07.24France Trip (7th - 11th July)
08.07.24Year 10 Work Experience Week
12.07.24Thailand Trip (12th - 25th July)
15.07.24Rewards Week
19.07.24Attendance Rewards
22.07.24School closed to students (staff packing up day)
23.07.24School closed to students (staff packing up day)
2024 - 25
04.09.24School closed to students (moving in day)
05.09.24School closed to students (moving in day)
06.09.24School closed to students (moving in day)
09.09.24Professional Development Day
10.09.24School year begins - Year 7
11.09.24School year begins - All Pupils