The school uniform consists of:

  • Grey suit jacket with embroidered school logo (separate fit for male and female).
  • Tie: Year 7 black with a green stripe, Year 8 black with a yellow stripe, Year 9 black with a pink stripe, Year 10 black with a blue stripe, Year 11 black with a orange stripe.
  • White shirt.
  • Optional grey jumper with the embroidered school logo.
  • Black traditional school trousers or skirt. Trousers should not be skin tight but should be straight leg with no embellishments, not stretch material but traditional suit material.
  • The skirt should be straight, knee length, and must be purchased from the suppliers. No other skirts will be allowed.
  • Shoes should be black, polishable and formal, leather or similar. No trainer style shoes or plimsolls. If boots are worn in winter, trousers must be worn over boots.
  • School bag to carry all equipment needed for the day.
  • A suitable outdoor coat can be worn over the suit jacked to and from the school, but must be removed inside school buildings.

No cardigans, hoodies or jumpers (without the school logo) should be worn at any time, even as an alternative to a coat

Please place orders direct with SWI Ltd either online, by post or by telephone

Tel: 01928 752 610

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PE Kit 2020-21

  • Aptus Short Sleeve Training Top (unisex)
  • Aptus Training Short or Aptus Training Short (female)
Optional items
  • Aptus 1/4 Zip Training Top (long sleeve)
  • Aptus Training Pant
  • Aptus Leggings (female)
  • Sports Socks (black)
The PE uniform will be compulsory for Year 7, 8 and 9 students and optional for Year 10 and 11 students.

Students are still expected to bring their PE kit alongside a note to excuse them as they will remain in the lesson and be given an alternative participation role that reflects their personal situation/injury. It is expected that students will get changed into PE kit unless in exceptional circumstances, where they are hindered from getting changed due to pain or obstruction from e.g. a sling or cast.

Please place orders direct with SWI Ltd either online, by post or by telephone

Tel: 01928 752 610

Woodham Sports Academy Students
Once students are formally accepted into the Sports Academy for the 2021-22 year there will be two windows within the Autumn term for students to return new items of kit to get printed. The only item that will have SPORTS ACADEMY printed on them in white, will be across the back of the short sleeve top. Price per item of clothing is £2.50.

We are always conscious of health and safety risks both to the owner and others in the wearing of jewellery. Therefore the only jewellery allowed is:

  • One small set of gold or silver ear studs (nose, eyebrow or tongue studs are not allowed)
  • Wrist watch

Piercings to the face or body, are not allowed.

Makeup is not allowed in Years 7, 8 and 9 and students will be asked to remove it. In Years 10 and 11 any make-up worn should be subtle. No eye shadow, eye liner, false eyelashes, blusher or lipstick is allowed. No nail varnish, nail decorations or false nails are allowed at any time.

Hair styles should be practical, clean and suitable for a working environment. In this school, hairstyles representing various cults (e.g. punk or mohican), or hair shaved in bands, stripes, initials or dyed in unnatural colours are unacceptable. Eyebrows shaved in stripes are also unacceptable. If in any doubt please check with the school first.

Large fashion hair accessories are not permitted, including flowers and hair bands that are purely there for fashion.

Large fashion belts or belts of a different colour to the trousers or skirt are not permitted.

Baseball caps and fashion scarves are not to be worn in or around the school.

Fashion bracelets must not be worn at any time.

All items of jewellery should be removed for P.E. and on request in certain other practical lessons in the interests of safety.

Please place orders direct with SWI Ltd either online, by post or by telephone

Tel: 01928 752 610

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