Woodham Academy Sparkies Soar

Woodham Academy Sparkies Soar


Woodham Academy Sparkies Soar

In a spectacular display of innovation and community spirit, Woodham Academy Sparkies held its final family session of the year, drawing a crowd of over 140 enthusiastic participants. The event, which saw attendees launching water rockets, marked a joyous culmination of a year filled with creativity and scientific exploration.

The sunny afternoon was filled with laughter and cheers as rockets of all shapes and sizes soared into the sky. Families gathered at Woodham Academy, each bringing their uniquely designed rockets for a fun-filled competition. The excitement was palpable as rockets launched, splashing down to the delight of the crowd.

Special recognition was given to students in years 5 and 6 who had shown remarkable commitment by attending sessions throughout the year. Certificates of achievement were awarded to these dedicated young scientists, celebrating their hard work and consistent participation in the Sparkies program.

In addition to individual recognitions, awards were also given for the day’s stand out rocket performances. The competition was fierce, with rockets judged on their height, distance and branding creativity. The awards for the highest and furthest flying rockets went to the families who combined scientific principles with innovative designs to achieve remarkable results. Special mention was given to those who showcased excellent branding on their rockets, adding a touch of artistic flair to their scientific endeavours.

The Woodham Academy Sparkies programme, which aims to inspire a love for science among young students, has had a successful year, fostering curiosity and learning through hands-on activities. The programme is set to resume in September with an open invitation for all year 5 and 6 students to join in the fun and learning.

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