Year 6 Transition

Moving Up

Your child’s transfer from primary to secondary school is both an exciting and daunting time. There are many new things to become familiar with and we believe that in order to ensure a smooth transition, your child needs support from us and from you. There may be concerns, queries or anxious feelings which are perfectly natural and, by working together as a partnership, we will succeed in preparing your child for the next stage in their education very quickly. At Woodham Academy, we run a number of events to help children to become familiar with the school before their transfer into Year 7.

These include our staff visiting students in their primary schools and students visiting Woodham Academy to spend a day with us.  This will allow students to familiarise themselves with teachers, the school building and to also experience a variety of lessons.  If students have Special Education Needs you may wish to contact the school to arrange further support.


Mrs Taylor

Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Music

Mrs Taylor has overall responsibility for Year 6 transition, and the progress of Year 7 and Year 8 students. She line manages the Heads of Learning for Year 7 and 8 and is the key person who liaises with the feeder primary schools.

Miss Abson

Head of Learning Year 7 / Transition

Miss Abson is responsible for the progress of all students in Year 7. She will monitor your child’s attendance and punctuality too. She also deals with any problems students may have by liaising with parents and, where appropriate, outside agencies.

Miss Hardy & Miss O’Sullivan

Behaviour Support Worker & Welfare Worker

Miss Hardy and Miss O’Sullivan are responsible for supporting the transfer of each child from primary school to Woodham Academy. Miss Hardy, Year 7 behaviour support worker, will support your child, ensuring that their behaviour in school allows for effective learning to take place. Miss O’Sullivan, Year 7 welfare worker, will support your child with any worries or concerns. This could be anything from a lost bag to friendship issues.

Year 6 to 7 transition

Once secondary school places have been offered our team of staff will make arrangements with primary schools to visit and meet the students.  Our priority is to ensure that all students are happy in school and that they are aware of all the support that is available to them.

We have a thorough transition programme which is intended to relieve any anxieties or concerns your child may have, and leave them excited and enthusiastic about their next stage in their education. Our programme includes:

  • Year 7 team visiting primary schools to work with and meet the students.
    Assemblies in primary schools, led by the leadership team.
  • Year 7 team liaising with Year 6 teachers and gathering important information.
  • Year 6 Transition Day, where students spend a day at Woodham, take part in lessons and meet their form tutors.
  • Additional, personalised activities for identified students most at need.
  • Information Evening for Parents.
  • Opportunities to individually meet key staff, such as the SENCO.
  • Additional tours of the school, where necessary.
  • Summer School.

Year 7 Form Tutors

Your child will be allocated to a form tutor who will meet your child every day and help them settle into new routines. We aim to place students in a tutor group with at least one friend. The information that we receive from primary schools assists us in this process. These groups will be mixed ability. Students will receive a letter informing them about their tutor group and they will also have the opportunity to meet their tutor before starting with us in September.

Important Documents

This section will be updated during the summer term to include copies of any correspondence and school forms.