Year 6 Transition

Moving Up

Your child’s transfer from primary to secondary school is both an exciting and daunting time. There are many new things to become familiar with and we believe that in order to ensure a smooth transition, your child needs support from us and from you. There may be concerns, queries or anxious feelings which are perfectly natural and, by working together as a partnership, we will succeed in preparing your child for the next stage in their education very quickly. At Woodham Academy, we run a number of events to help children to become familiar with the school before their transfer into Year 7.

These include our staff visiting students in their primary schools and students visiting Woodham Academy to spend a day with us.  This will allow students to familiarise themselves with teachers, the school building and to also experience a variety of lessons.  If students have Special Education Needs you may wish to contact the school to arrange further support.


Mrs Taylor

Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Music

“This is such an exciting time and I cannot wait to welcome you into our school community. One of my roles as Assistant Headteacher is to organise your transition to us. It is my job to make sure that we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible and to ease any of your worries. I have already started contacting your Year 6 teachers to gather information about you and to organise a date where we can come and visit you in your primary school. On the 2nd July we are inviting you all to spend the day with us and to experience what it is like at Woodham Academy. We are such a welcoming and friendly school, which you will soon discover. I look forward to meeting you over the next few months.”

Mrs Hardie

Head of Year 7 / Teacher of Art

“I’m delighted to welcome you to our school community. I’m Mrs Hardie and I’m very excited be taking on the role as your new Head of Year 7 when you join us in September. I’m very much looking forward to getting to know all about you and helping you to make a positive start to your time with us here at Woodham Academy. I know that the transition to Year 7 may feel a little daunting, but please be assured that we’re incredibly lucky to have fantastic teachers and students here at Woodham that will do their best to make sure you feel welcome and help you with anything you’re unsure of. My aim, along with Miss O’Sullivan and Mr Cochrane, is to ensure that you feel supported, happy, and have everything that you need to thrive during your time with us.  There are so many new opportunities and subjects for you to experience and I hope you’re as excited as we are for you join us. I’m sure that we’re going to have a fantastic year together and I very much look forward to getting to know you and helping you to become the best version of yourself.”

Miss O’Sullivan

Assistant Head of Year

“Welcome to Woodham Academy! I’m Miss O’Sullivan and as part of my job I work alongside Mrs Hardie to make sure you are supported and have everything you need to enjoy your time and succeed as you start your journey with us at Woodham. As a non-teaching member of staff I will be on hand to help you with any day-to-day concerns or issues you may have. This will be my 4th Year of working with Year 7 students in their first year with us, so I am aware and understanding of how some of you may be feeling and some of the worries you may have about transitioning to secondary school.  I look forward to getting to know a little bit more about you, this will also give you an opportunity to find out more about Woodham, what we have to offer and ask any questions you have. I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you throughout your time in Year 7, I’m sure we will have a brilliant year together.”

Mr Cochrane

Key Stage 3 Coordinator

“Hello everyone and a warm welcome to Woodham Academy. I am Mr Cochrane and I will be working with you during your transition to us and also when you start in September. My job is to help you feel settled and support you during your time at Woodham. I’ll work closely with Mrs Hardie & Miss O’Sullivan so that we can help you aim high and never give up on your journey to be the best version of yourselves before you leave. I am really excited to get to know you all and know that having worked at Woodham now for 10 years you’re going to love every second here.”

Year 6 to 7 transition

Once secondary school places have been offered our team of staff will make arrangements with primary schools to visit and meet the students.  Our priority is to ensure that all students are happy in school and that they are aware of all the support that is available to them.

We have a thorough transition programme which is intended to relieve any anxieties or concerns your child may have, and leave them excited and enthusiastic about their next stage in their education. Our programme includes:

  • Year 7 team visiting primary schools to work with and meet the students.
    Assemblies in primary schools, led by the leadership team.
  • Year 7 team liaising with Year 6 teachers and gathering important information.
  • Year 6 Transition Day, where students spend a day at Woodham Academy, take part in lessons and meet their form tutors.
  • Additional, personalised activities for identified students most at need.
  • Information Evening for Parents.
  • Opportunities to individually meet key staff, such as the SENCO.
  • Additional tours of the school, where necessary.

Year 7 Form Tutors

Your child will be allocated to a form tutor who will meet your child every day and help them settle into new routines. We aim to place students in a tutor group with at least one friend. The information that we receive from primary schools assists us in this process. These groups will be mixed ability. Students will receive a letter informing them about their tutor group and they will also have the opportunity to meet their tutor before starting with us in September.

Important Documents

This section will be updated during the summer term to include copies of any correspondence and school forms.

Letter to Year 6 Parents

Registering for Parent Accounts in Arbor

Uniform Guidelines